Inspection & Testing

Reay Electrical provides a simple and cost effective portable appliance testing solution,
enabling your company to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Appliance Testing.

Each appliance is tested to meet the requirements of the IEE code of practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.
We use calibrated PAT testing equipment and are able to test all portable appliances in your company including – IT equipment & microwaves if required. The inspection and testing will be carried out by a qualified Electrician.

Minimal Disruption.

All electrical equipment to be tested has to be disconnected from the mains supply. We realise the inconvenience that this can cause, especially in a busy office environment, which is why we provide out of hours service at no extra cost.

Reports & Certification.

On completion of the testing you will be issued with the relevant safety certificate and a detailed report that provides information on each individual item. All items that pass the inspection & testing will be labelled with a safety sticker and a unique number that identifies all the individual portable appliances tested in your company.

Sensible Pricing – No hidden charges

We believe in a clear pricing structure so that you can accurately determine the price you will pay. All charges are made on a per appliance basis depending on the total number of items to be tested. Our prices include Out of hours & weekend service, labelling, test reports, equipment register, certificates etc. The list below shows our standard prices but please contact us for an individual quote to your requirements.

Price Guide for PAT testing: (No VAT Charge!)

1 – 20 items Minimum charge £65.
Over 20 items £1.50 per item
Microwave tests £4.75 per item
Plug Replacement £1.75 per item

What is an item?

A kettle with a separate base will be counted as two items as they both need separate tests and identifying numbers in case of separation or use individually!

A computer system will be commonly be made up of four separate items e.g monitor, base unit, IEC power lead x 2 If the lead can be separated from the appliance then they are considered as separate items.

Plug Replacements

From experience we have noticed poor quality plugs being used so we have taken the policy to replace faulty or damaged mains plug (BS1363) with good quality plug and charge a nominal fee to cover the cost rather than give a free poor quality plug we hope you agree?

Repairs / FREE Repairs

Minor faults found during the course of the inspection will be repaired as we find them and the appliance re-tested. All minor repairs are carried out FREE of charge, including the following:

  • Replacement of incorrectly rated fuses
  • Re-wiring of incorrect connections in the mains plug
  • Repair to faulty cable grips in the mains plug
  • Minor repairs requiring less than ten minutes labour
  • Re-test following repair

However more serious faults will always be quoted for first! What’s included in the price:
Labelling (Pass or Fail),
Pass and Fail Certificate (if required), Test results certificates and Appliance Register.


A label will be attached to each appliance which passed testing with the Appliance ID, date of test and retest date and testers initials

Appliances which fail testing will be labelled “DO NOT USE Failed Safety Test”

If you require more information on PAT testing / portable appliance testing or any of the services outlined on this page please contact us and we will be happy to help you!


Appliance Register, Pass certificate and Display Certificates will be sent after completion of testing and within 3 days of receipt of payment of invoice.

Appliance Register / is a complete register of all equipment tested with their location at the time of testing and unique number corresponding to the attached label.

Pass Certificate / to be held in the companies files for Health and Safety Regulations

Display Certificate / A Certificate to display in reception, staff room or notice board