We are a New Consumer Unit Specialist Installer

If you have a old style fuse box and are looking to update to a new one:

Before we can replace your existing fuse board we will need to inspect your wiring to check for any potential issues that may arise.

What you need to know

Upgrade your property’s safety
A Fuse board can be called many names, examples are; Fuse box, Consumer unit & Distribution board. They all, however serve the same purpose, to protect your property.

Why should I replace my Fuse board?
New Fuse boards, Consumer units and Distribution boards that are installed have the capability to protect people as well as the property. That’s right, up until recently most fuse boards would only isolate problems to your homes wiring. Now they can detect if a person has come into contact with electricity and disconnect the power quickly.

Other changes and advances in the design of new fuse boards are:

·   Fire Integrity -Many consumer units and fuse boards are located underneath people’s stairs or by their front door. Quite often they’re located by coats, plastic bags and other flammable materials. If an electrical fire was to start under your stairs because of your fuse board, it would quickly block your only escape route. New consumer units and fuse boards are made from a fire-retardant material, which is designed to contain any fire that develops internally to allow you to escape.

 ·      Circuit breakers (MCBs) – Old fuse boards would use re-wireable fuses. These could easily be wired with the wrong sized wire. They also took much longer to isolate faulty circuits in comparison to a new modern consumer unit with MCBs.

·      RCD’s - This is the device which detects whether electricity has taken a wrong path in your property and found a way to earth. This is what can protect people and pets from electrocution and a great addition to new consumer units.

What’s involved?
Before any Fuse board can be replaced we need to make sure that a new consumer unit will operate correctly on the property’s existing wiring. We can do this with a site inspection which you can book.

The inspection will look at your Earthing arrangements and some initial test readings we obtain from your existing wiring.

After Installation of your new consumer unit, you will be issued with:

  1. Electrical test certificate.
  2. Building control notification certificate confirming job has been registered.
  3. As a registered competent person you get a 6 year warranty from NICEIC.

If you are wanting to upgrade your old fuse box / older style consumer unit then please contact us by email or phone.